Tea House

The Tea House stands in the garden of a factory in Shanghai, quiet and peaceful away from everyday life.
The company pursues health and beauty through the biotechnology. They have clients all over the world and also have close ties to Japan. This building, not directly related to production, was built for the employees and for customers. People spend here a peaceful moment and are healed of their daily fatigue. They may catch a glimpse of Chinese or Japanese culture here.
The building is a mixture of Chinese traditional architecture, Japanese SUKIYA style, and modern design. It consists of four areas: the Hall, the Chinese Tearoom, the Japanese Tearoom, and the Terrace. Those four spaces are located at different floor height and provide different experience.
You can relax and forget about time in a spacious semi-outdoor hall looking over the garden. Or you can enjoy delicious Chinese tea in a cozy Chinese tearoom. Also you can experience a tranquil tea ceremony in a small and dark Japanese tearoom. Or you can have a good conversation with friends over a glass of liquor on a floating terrace. A walk in the garden might be nice for a change.

Tea House
November 2021
tea house / garden
wooden structure
floor area
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